Research Director

Prof. Norbert Scherer

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Delphine Coursault

Dr. Tiansong Deng

Dr. Itay Gdor

Dr. Xiaolei Wang

Dr. Yuval Yifat

Graduate Students

Maya Cutkosky John Parker Curtis Peterson Nolan Shepherd Emmanuel Valenton Hannah Yi

Undergraduate Students

 Theresa Haunold

 Carolina Yu











Former Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Matthew Daddysman
      Field Application Scientist
      Biotek Instruments 
      Chicago, IL
Dr. Ying Bao
      Assistant Professor of Chemistry
      Western Washington University
      Bellingham, WA
Dr. Nishant Sule 
      Senior Computational Engineer
      Harvard Institute for Applied Computational Science
      Cambridge, MA
Dr. Shiladitya Banerjee
Dr. Uttam Manna
      Assistant Professor of Physics
      Illinois State University
      Bloomington, IL  
Dr. Zijie Yan
      Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
      Clarkson University
      Potsdam, NY  
Dr. Srividya Iyer-Biswas
Dr. Toan Huynh
        Private Biotech Company
        San Jose, California
        Previous position at Theranos
Dr. Stanislav Burov
Dr. Sukanya Randhawa
Dr. Julian Sweet    
Dr. Barbara Wild    
Dr. Mason Guffey    
Dr. Lina Cao    
Dr. Martin O. Lenz    
Dr. Peter Redmond    
Dr. Rene Nome    
Dr. Kang Taek Lee    
Dr. Andrew Moran    
Dr. Kimani Toussaint    
Dr. Matthew Pelton    
       Assistant Professor of Physics  
       University of Maryland, Baltimore County  
       Baltimore, MD  
Dr. Rongchao Jin    
Dr. Arash Bakhtyari    
Dr. Christine Clancy    
Dr. Xiaoming Shang
       Director of Laser Technology
Dr. Andreas-Neil Unterreiner    
Dr. Tzzy-Shuian (Martha) Yang    
Dr. Weining Wang    
Dr. Peter Vöhringer    
Dr. Lowell Ungar  

Former Graduate Students

Dr. Patrick Figliozzi    
        Junior Data Scientist
        Chicago, IL
Thomas Kuntz
Dr. Charles Wright
Dr. Raman Shah    
        Principal Data Scientist
        Capital One
        Chicago, IL
Ms. Ye Tian    
Dr. Thomas Spears    
        Lead Machine Technology Engineer    
        GE Additive    
        Cincinnati, Ohio    
Dr. Margaret Hershberger    
Dr. Yihan Lin    
        Assistant Professor of Biophysics
        Beijing University
        Beijing, China
Dr. Jelena Pesic
        Senior Lithography Process Development Engineer
        Greater Los Angeles Area
        Previous positions at Intel Corporation and University of Chicago    
Dr. Mason Guffey    
Dr. Amy Kim
       Chief Operating Officer
       Iridescent Learning
       Greater Los Angeles Area
       Previous positions at USC, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
        and University of Chicago
Dr. Glenna Smith Conley
       Regulatory Affairs Manager, Clinical Trials Office
       The University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center    
Dr. Rene Nome    
Dr. Xiaohui Qu    
Dr. Sachin Rane    
Dr. Justin E. Jureller    
Dr. Shunji Egusa    
Dr. Sungnam Park    
Dr. Jeongho Kim    
Dr. Jason (Ming) Zhao    
       Resident Physician    
       San Antonio Military Medical Center    
Dr. Zheng Xie    
Ms. Jennifer Miller    
Dr. Julie A. Gruetzmacher    
Ms. Yang Liu    
Dr. Yish-Han (Ian) Liau    
Mr. Michael F. Martin
      Senior Director, Patent Asset Development
      Yahoo! Inc.
      San Francisco Bay Area    
Dr. Matthew A. Horn    
Dr. Lewis D. Book
      Optical Engineer
      Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
      Greater Los Angeles Area    
Dr. Bret N. Flanders    
Dr. David C. Arnett    
Mr. Andrei Zagorodny    
Mr. Robert A. Westervelt
Ms. Hanbo Hu  
Dr. Mark J. Feldstein

Former Undergraduate Students

Mattie Renn
      Medical Student
      Columbia University Medical School
      New York, NY    
Klevin Lo