Welcomes, Farewells, and Accomplishments

Upcoming News...

Former undergraduate and research staff Mattie Renn is making plans to move to New York to attend medical school at Columbia University!
Post-doc Dr. Ying Bao  will start her faculty position in Washington later this summer. 

Recent Happenings around the Lab:

06/12/2017: Former post-doc Dr. Nishant Sule starts his new job as a Senior Computational Engineer at Harvard Institute of Applied Computational Science. 
06/10/2017: Prof. Scherer at Spring Commencement introduces Prof. Shaul Mukamel, who is granted the Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from the University of Chicago.
06/10/2017: Grad student Pat Figliozzi also attends commencement!
06/08/2017: Grad student Pat Figliozzi successfully defends his dissertation "Properties and Dynamics of Driven Optical Matter". Great job Dr. Pat! 
06/01/2017: 1st Year undergraduate student Theresa Haunold joins the lab for summer and onwards. Welcome! 
05/15/2017: Dr. Toan Huynh and Dr. Matthew Daddysman's FARMER paper is published in AIP's Review of Scientific Instruments. 
04/17/2017: Post-doc Dr. Delphine Coursault wins 2nd place at the annual JFI Image Contest. The image is featured on the JFI homepage!
Winter 2017: 1st year chemistry graduate students Emmanuel Valenton, Hannah Yi, and Maya Cutkosky join the Scherer lab.
01/01/2017: Former grad student Dr. Yihan Lin becomes an Assistant Professor of Biophysics at Beijing University!


07/01/2016: Former post-doc Dr. Shiladitya Banerjee becomes an Assistant Professor of Physics at University College London in England.


07/01/2015: Former post-doc Dr. Zijie Yan becomes an Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Clarkson University in New York!
07/01/2015: Former post-doc Dr. Sri Iyer-Biswas becomes an Assistant Professor of Physics at Purdue University in Indiana.
03/24/2015: Prof. Scherer is awarded the 2015 Peter Debye Prize from the Edmond Hustinx Foundation!


12/04/2014: Prof. Scherer is elected as a 2015 Fellow of the Optical Society of America
07/01/2014: Former post-doc Dr. Stas Burov becomes an Assistant Professor of Physics at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.
05/01/2014: Prof. Scherer receives a Vannevar Bush Fellowship from the Department of Defense!