Welcomes, Farewells, and Accomplishments

Upcoming News...

Dr. Patrick Figliozzi is currently applying for jobs
Rising second year grad students, Maya Emmanuel and Hannah, are preparing for candidacy exams in the fall

Recent Happenings around the Lab:

08/02/2017: Prof. Scherer and collaborator Prof. Aaron Dinner are interviewed by the UChicago Chemiststs Club about their work on the Caulobacter crescentus division paper.
07/28/2017: Former post-doc Dr. Ying Bao leaves the lab to start her new job as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Western Washington University!
06/30/2017: Former undergrad Mattie Renn moves to New York City to attend Columbia University Medical School. We wish her all the best!!
06/12/2017: Former post-doc Dr. Nishant Sule starts his new job as a Senior Computational Engineer at Harvard Institute of Applied Computational Science. 
06/10/2017: Prof. Scherer at Spring Commencement introduces Prof. Shaul Mukamel, who is granted the Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from the University of Chicago.
06/10/2017: Grad student Pat Figliozzi also attends commencement!
06/05/2017: Former post-doc Dr. Shiladitya Banerjee's paper, Biphasic growth dynamics during Caulobacter crescentus division, is accepted to Nature Microbiology!
06/08/2017: Grad student Pat Figliozzi successfully defends his dissertation "Properties and Dynamics of Driven Optical Matter". Great job Dr. Pat! 
06/01/2017: 1st Year undergraduate student Theresa Haunold joins the lab for summer and onwards. Welcome! 
05/15/2017: Dr. Toan Huynh and Dr. Matthew Daddysman's FARMER paper is published in AIP's Review of Scientific Instruments. 
04/21/2017: Former post-doc Dr. Uttam Manna becomes an Assistant Professor of Physics at Illinois State University!
04/17/2017: Post-doc Dr. Delphine Coursault wins 2nd place at the annual JFI Image Contest. The image is featured on the JFI homepage!
Winter 2017: 1st year chemistry graduate students Emmanuel ValentonHannah Yi, and Maya Cutkosky join the Scherer lab.
01/01/2017: Former grad student Dr. Yihan Lin becomes an Assistant Professor of Biophysics at Beijing University!


07/01/2016: Former post-doc Dr. Shiladitya Banerjee becomes an Assistant Professor of Physics at University College London in England.


07/01/2015: Former post-doc Dr. Zijie Yan becomes an Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Clarkson University in New York!
07/01/2015: Former post-doc Dr. Sri Iyer-Biswas becomes an Assistant Professor of Physics at Purdue University in Indiana.
03/24/2015: Prof. Scherer is awarded the 2015 Peter Debye Prize from the Edmond Hustinx Foundation!


12/04/2014: Prof. Scherer is elected as a 2015 Fellow of the Optical Society of America
07/01/2014: Former post-doc Dr. Stas Burov becomes an Assistant Professor of Physics at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.
05/01/2014: Prof. Scherer receives a Vannevar Bush Fellowship from the Department of Defense!